Alta-ermec Ltd provides industrial installation and relocation services throughout the UK and Europe.

Our highly experienced and skilled team, complete with specialist lifting and manoeuvring equipment, allow us to safely carry out industrial installations and relocations swiftly. We recognise timescales on such projects are often very restrictive, so a methodical approach to planning this type of work is critical, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

This is only achieved through our expertise in managing all elements of the install or relocation, from managing transportation, relevant equipment, and all documentation, to liaising with the client at all times, and ensuring that any changes to the project have little or no impact.

Our team will carry out full mechanical dismantling and preparation works for all types of machinery moves. Any necessary repair work and system upgrades including software backups can be carried out at this time.

We have experience in a wide range of industrial settings, moving and installing a variety of equipment. Previous works have included the full manoeuvre and install of a large stone dryer, the installation of full production lines in woodworking and manufacturing industries and industrial bakeries, and workshop and factory relocations, moving specialist equipment such as laithes, milling machines and boring machines.

Within our workshop we have the ability to design, manufacture and modify plant and equipment. Any additional requirements can be discussed in full with our team of Technical Engineers to ensure all elements of the project are completed to the highest standards.